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What We Offer


You don’t need to explain to us how your trade works, as we already know. What we will ask is how your business works. Understanding your operation is vital to ensuring you are adequately protected. We appreciate that a retail jeweller’s business will function in a different manner to that of a manufacturing jeweller. With that in mind, we have developed 7 specialist insurance policies to address your individual business needs. We do not just offer the standard cover for stock and goods in trust, contents, defective title and pound breach, public, products and employer’s liability, loss of profits, professional indemnity, personal accident and theft by staff. We also offer cover for mysterious disappearance, snatch theft, sleight of hand, cyber insurance and invalid payments plus specific policy enhancements. The diamond and jewellery trade is a specialist industry where integrity, honesty and trust go a long way. It is on this basis that we have built our reputation.


From the independent high street jeweller to the larger international stores, we have a bespoke insurance policy that has been developed with our clients for our clients. For example, we can offer as standard a UK parcel limit of £50,000 via Royal Mail Special Delivery.


Working with watch specialists we have designed an insurance policy specifically for watch traders and dealers. For example, we offer as standard a wearing limit of £25,000.


Our bespoke wholesale jeweller’s policy offers enhanced travel limits with relaxed personal conveyance requirements. This is to allow you to go about your business, with peace of mind knowing that you are covered.


We appreciate and understand the pressures that our manufacturers are under. We therefore, offer manufacturer preferential rates without jeopardising the policy limits and cover.


Working in conjunction with existing clients, we have developed a bespoke insurance policy for pawnbrokers. For example, we can offer as standard pledge stock plus 30% and buyback plus 30%.


If you are a small jewellery designer, maker or a small start-up then this option is for you. Our bespoke policy will simplify insurance allowing you the time to concentrate on your business. For example, as standard we include unlimited wedding exhibitions up to £20,000.


Our bespoke insurance policy has been carefully designed to cater for the higher valued stones.


A bespoke insurance policy for your client’s personal jewellery collections and single items.



What to do in the event of a loss

  • Notify the police within 24 hours in the event of a loss or damage caused by theft or robbery, malicious acts, vandalism, violent disorder, riots or civil commotion.
  • Call us as soon as practicably as possible on 01702 544972 with your policy number and police crime reference number (if applicable). From outside the UK call +44 1702 544972.
  • Outside business hours please email a claim form to claims@primassure.com or call 0345 604 9718 – Please quote your policy number (refer to your policy schedule).

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UK: 01702 544972
International: + 44 (0) 1702 544 972
Fax: 01702 560 130